Saturday, June 6, 2009

We made it to London!

We had a great trip and just had fish and chips and are going to bed. Our flight leaves London at 11:30ish London time. We get to dallas tomorrow afternoon. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE GIRLS!! If someone reads this, please let call my mom and clay's mom and let her know we made it to london! They may not see this since it is the weekend!!!
The flight here was good we were de-pesticized per the world health organization. So there should be no malaria follwing us back to the states! The flight was great and the boys were really good. Their grandmothers would not have been real happy to see some of the places that the boys traveled over the week, but they were safe and under God's protection! The boys made lots of friends and it was so fun to watch them play with the kids. Several of our boys came to trust the Lord as their savior and we are praying that several of them that suffered abuse and lots of bad dreams will have healing from those things which have held them captive for so long. \we can't wait to show you video of Bennett dancing with the Zambians. It is priceless!!!