Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Night in Zambia

We start camp Life tomorrow. We have already had an incredible time. It has been a blast watching the boys interact with the Zambians. We went yesterday out into the kabanana community. We played with the children in the community resource center. It is a safe-haven for children in that community. A kind-of YMCA, “ Zambian style,” but with intense discipleship and a 24 hour care for children who find themselves in dangerous situations. After about 1 ½ hours of playing with the children we took one month of food to four different families.
The homes were small and dark and most children slept on the dirt floors. One home was a one-room mud hut that was about 9’ X 16’. There were 9 children and a very elderly grandmother that cared for them. I am not sure that the food we gave them did not displace a child. We gave them the food and told them they were receiving the food as a gift and God wanted them to know that He loved them very much and that He is a good God. We prayed for all the families and the boys interacted with all of the village children and were such a great reflection of the love of Christ!
Please pray tomorrow that all of the children will show up for camp and will not be detained by their caretakers. Pray that God will use us and our children to communicate the Amazing message of God’s love. Clay’s leader group is Clay, Bennett, Omega and Aaron. My group is Erin, Parker, Nelly and Eric. Tomorrow is Emerson’s 1st birthday and I am hoping that I can talk to her!! Love you all! The boys are safe and having a great time. They peed in some very questionable places yesterday!!! But, all is well!!