Tuesday, February 3, 2009

christmas paintings

I did a bunch of these for christmas gifts.  
They turned out really cute and made great teacher's gifts!

This is a silly little painting that I think is cute.  I wasn't brave enough to give it to anyone but my mom though!

Monday, February 2, 2009

teacher's gifts

This was for bennett's lead teacher last year for preschool.  She teaches full time now in fourth grade and has it hanging in her classroom!

This was for parker's kindergarten teacher last year.  

This was a teacher's gift for bennett's teacher last year!  

Nursery paintings

Here are a couple of paintings that I have done for friends' nurseries.  They are so much fun for me to paint!  All of these match the decor for each baby's room.
This was for a dear friend's nursery.  It is sometimes scary to give something so personal to someone.  You don't want for them to be disappointed in it and you don't want for them to feel like they have to hang it just because you painted it for them.  Well, she cried.... and they were tears of joy!  So much fun!!
This was for a sweet little girl's nursery!
This was for a friend's little girl that was born one day before Emerson.  Her room was in black and ivory and red.  It was hard painting something soft enough for a nursery in those colors and then I had the idea to put fabric on the canvas first and then paint on top of it.  I thought it turned out cute.

elliana's headboard

I just finished this!  It is the headboard for ellie's bed.  This use to be clay's grandfather's bed when he was first married.  It was in incredible condition and so i refurbed it with a fun girly painting.  I love how it turned out and ellie loves it even more....