Monday, April 6, 2009

Judy's painting

This is a painting for one of my dear friends!  I used her bedding as the inspiration!  I had lots of fun doing it.  Ellie was home with me and she loved getting to paint all day!  It was a little messy and my rug might not ever be the same...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A baby gift for my newest nephew.  His due date is fast approaching and I am so sad to miss the baby shower this weekend!  His bedding is made out of this beautiful rich dark chocolate and linen color.  I crocheted a blanket to match the bedding and added an icy blue ruffle to personalize it for him!  We can't wait to meet you baby engelson!

This towel is for another baby shower I have this weekend.  These full size hooded towels are a hit at our house.  All of my kids have one and they love to wrap up in them after baths!  I had to display this one on my sweetest!  ...because she is too cute in it!
Here is a close up of the fabrics!